About Clean Wave

Cleanwave.org is a dynamic movement of likeminded individuals who recognise the urgent need to provide sustainable alternatives to single use disposable plastic bottles on the Balearics and beyond – the islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca are our launch pad for a global movement.

We consume 1,5 million plastic bottles a day in the Balearic Islands. With well over 13 million visitors to the islands each year, the incalculable amount of plastic waste continues to threaten the sustainability of our natural resources and the sea. Cleanwave sets out to make drinking water freely accessible, and minimizing plastic waste through the sale of stainless steel bottles. Leveraging an extensive network of private and public partners, consumers are offered an opportunity to drink clean water for free whilst contributing towards a plastic free society.

Cleanwave bottles

The Cleanwave bottle is not a once-off purchase – it is a way of life. The bottle represents a change in consciousness towards preserving the earth and its oceans, and our individual decision to find alternatives to single use plastics in our everyday lives. The Cleanwave bottle is made of single-walled stainless steel. It is sustainably sourced and produced with minimum environmental impact.

Ducks Filling Stations

At the Ducks United Headquarters, you can buy Cleanwave bottles, or if you are a proud owner of one already, you are welcome to fill up your bottle with water here!