The Ducks Story

Ramon is both founder and owner of Ducks United and Ducks United Ibiza. Although he was originally a cook, his ambitions went beyond that. Ramon has loved 2CVs since he was 4 years old. Some of his earliest memories are of his mother driving him around in her lavender coloured duck. Besides working in the hospitality industry, Ramon also had a job in a duck garage, where he learnt the tricks of the trade. That’s how he became an accomplished duck connoisseur and started his Ibiza adventure.

Ramon had always been drawn to Ibiza, feeling it a place where he could make his wishes come true. So Ramon set himself up on the island where he began renting out ducks and organizing dinners for his guests. In 2010 Annemarie came into his life, and since then they both run the company together. Alongside Ducks United, they have now started Ibiza Defenders.